Leather will last a lot, lot longer if it is looked after.  That means cleaning it now and again and applying a protection to slow down wear and ageing.  This applies to the leather seating in the car, the suite in the home, the leather dining chairs and even the jacket or handbag.

We supply a 2 stage care pack for all types of leather.  One care pack will be right for all leathers except suede or nubuck – the leathers with a pile you can sweep one way and then the other and we have a separate care pack for these as well.  In both cases the 2 stages are, a) the cleaner and b) the protection.

It is best to clean the leather in the most used areas , the contact areas on a suite, the handle and opening on a handbag every 3 months and also follow it up with a wipe of protection cream.  If it is a car you use every day with quite a few miles then it may need doing once a month – just a quickie to keep it right.

The clean obviously keeps the leather looking fresh but it also keeps the soiling from lodging in the grain which will eventually break the colour surface down and speed up the cracking process with use.  So it is good to use fairly regularly when necessary.  The protection, a thin layer wiped on over the leather once and allowed to dry for 1/2 an hour, will help to stop dirt lodging in the grain of the leather, it will give the leather some protection from staining and natural oil absorption from the skin,it will help prevent abrasion damaging the leather, it will help the leather not to dry out and it will also make cleaning the leather easier next time.  The only thing is, we often don’t get into the habit of doing it so our leather gets neglected and damage sets in.  Of course this is where Interior Revival Co come in but it could have been delayed a little!!

If you would like to discuss how we can help restore life into your leather furniture, please call 01623 836182 or email maggie@interiorrevival.co.uk for a no obligation quote.

We supply our own Leather Care pack, just give us a ring on 07813 678645 now.

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