SPRING CLEANING – bottoming each room

So now is the time of year when things are looking brighter and there is a little more time and energy to do a bit of tidying up and cleaning plus the sun is shining through the windows and all those areas you haven’t dusted lately are glaring at you!

A Couple of Useful Tools

The furniture hasn’t been moved for a while and you would like a change around.  So you tidy up and move eveything into the middle of the room.  If you haven’t done this for a while you may well be shocked at the dust, cobwells and possibly pet hair accummulation behind the furniture!  Who am I to say, but having done house cleans in the past and obviously my own house to look after for a number of years you get to know a few useful tools for the job.  A dusting brush is very useful on your vacuum cleaner for sucking up all the nasties on the back of the furniture and skirting boards.  A hard floor flat mop is very useful and quick for dusting down ceilings and walls.  Vacuum off the flat mop now and again as you go to keep it fresh.

Vacuuming for Health

Now the main thing I will focus on in this blog today are the carpets.  Carpets provide warmth, comfort and decoration.  They also become a catchment for dust, bacteria, soiling, moulds and dare I say it, insect eggs and larve of flees and moths etc.  This is the main reason for pulling out all the furniture every year though we don’t get round to it these days as there are plenty of other things that we prefer to do.  It is important though to keep on top of the dust and moulds that accummulate in our homes.   Moulds can be very dangerous and can be a very overlooked health hazard causing respiration problems, irritations, itchy eyes and even depression.  If you, or a member of the family suffers from dust or pet hair allergies etc. then again it is important to reduce their accummulation.  The best gadget we have in the home to sort this is the vaccum cleaner.  The best type of vacuum cleaners are the ones that use bags and at least a 2 stage filter system.  A bag means the dust is confined to it and when you empty the vacuum cleaner you are handling the bag only.  In some cases the bags have closures (very important), so rather than just shaking the dust bucket into the wheelie bin  and creating a dust storm which you then breathe in you can safely keep the dust contained in the bag.  Dust contains all sorts of things including old skin, carciogenes, bacteria and fibres so it is not the sort of thing you want to be breathing in!  You always get a certain amount of leakage from the vacuum cleaner so the filter system is important too.  A 2 or better still a 3 stage filter system will eliminate dust being blown back into the environment.  Sorry to be boring, but another worth while thing to do regularly is change the bag when it has been in for quite a while or is 2/3 full, which ever happens first, plus cleaning the brushes regularly, once a quarter or 6 months say depending on the soiling in the carpet.

Getting the job done!

So, armed with a crevis tool and a vacuum cleaner with a clean bag, I start with vac’ing the skirting boards, any joins in the skirting boards or gaps in the wall near the carpet and a thorough vac of the carpet edges.  This is where insects such as moths lay there eggs so it is important to really do this well.  Whilst cleaning the edges of a wool content carpet, look out for any areas of carpet that may be losing its pile at the edges or where furniture has been sat.  Sometimes it is not immediately obvious, but make sure you do look for anything like this particularly if you have noticed moths in the room recently.  The larve could well be eating your carpet!  Regular edge vac’ing will have gone a long way in perventing this.  If the carpet is not ruined, this needs treating before it is.  Interior Revival Co are able to carry out this treatment.  If a carpet has to be thrown out because of moth damage and you are replacing it with another wool content carpet which is lovely to have, then the floor and skirtings need to be treated with a moth killer treatment before the new carpet goes down and then treated every year, March/April time before the moths become active.

The edges and then the main areas

So we have cleaned the carpet edges, now we vac the main part.  If the carpet has a pile to it you will notice the vacuum cleaner will lift the pile using it one way and flatten it the opposite way.  In fact, in 2 directions it will lift the pile and the 2 other directions it will flatten it.  We want to lift the pile if possible to encourage the carpet not to sit flat.  The way we were taught was to run the carpet cleaner forward and back in all 4 directions – north, east, south and west. Then look at the result.  The direction that pulls the pile up best is the direction to clean the carpet if possible.  If not, the second best.   Shape of room, furniture and the way the carpet has been laid allows or limits your success with this. Whilst vac’ing make a note of any spot stains; you will also notice any ‘gang way’ soiling if the furniture has been moved – very revealing in some cases!  Once the vac’ing is done, tackle the spot stains with a good spot stain remover – we supply; washing up liquid is not always a good idea!  Don’t use a lot of liquid and use a white cloth to wipe away the residue.  This means you can see if the soiling is coming away and the white cloth is not going to colour the carpet.  And if you need to have the carpet cleaned, you know where to come:- Call INTERIOR REVIVAL CO on 07813 678645 and we will be only too happy to help!

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