Smelly Car Interiors

Our new web page is coming soon telling you about the latest service we are adding to our interior revival list.  So with regard to car interiors, we know many of you have hit problems with stained or smelly interiors that either you or the valeter has not been able to properly address.   Many of you will say, ‘If only I had known.’  So do we!  We are very good at removing stains from fabrics, carpets, roof linings, plastics, leather etc. and good at removing odours but not good enough.  We have tried everything out there and there is nothing that will eradicate a strong cigarette smell in a car or kill a sour milk smell dead.  There are plenty of products out there that will reduce it or mask it for a time but now we have at last found a solution and a system that really does the business.  This is only available to the ‘privileged’ few who have an extensive knowledge of carpet and upholstery cleaning, who want to work with cars and go through the AutocleanseUK training and then are approved to be part of the  AutocleanseUK network.  This we have done and to our great relief and delight we are able to feel confident that the odours and stains in your car can be tackled.  Obviously even now there will be the odd stain or odour that will defeat us but with the experience we have had so far with this it is an incredible winner!

So be it a milk spillage, a mouldy cabriolet roof lining or a car you have just bought that smells of cigarettes we have the answer.  To contact us our number is exactly the same:-  07813 678645, and we will be very happy to help.

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