Over the last couple of days, Chris has been out carpet cleaning and in both situations our customers were not aware that moths or more correctly their larva were happily feasting on their precious wool carpets.



This is the time of year when the carpet/clothes moths ( the ones with closed wings) have laid their eggs in May and the developing larva have hatched and are now chomping through wool and silk fibres in your home.  If you saw an increase in moths around the home last month and you have wool carpets or silk rugs or wool and silk clothing in your wardrobes, then it is best to check them out.


Moth larva are often found at first around the edges of the carpets, in un used corners and under furniture or beds so they can munch away undisturbed.  It is best to get the vac out and clean round the edges and corners with the crevice tool keeping a look out for any white larva or cases as in the photo above.  Have a go at moving the furniture (with help) that never gets moved and take the opportunity to give a good clean underneath looking out for any activity or ‘wear’.  If you find any evidence or you feel prevention would be a wise thing to do, then give us a call and we can arrange with you to treat you carpets for carpet moth.  If the carpets are damaged the treatment will require that they are lifted 1 mtr around the edges to treat the underlay and underneath plus any other wool carpets in the house.  Meanwhile, mothballs are not available now but moths do not like perfume or cloves so a deterrent while you wait for your treatment appointment could be to sprinkle some cloves on the carpet or in the wardrobe and some chopped up perfumed soap tied in muslin!



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