Furnishing Top Tip – Oil & Dye Problems

Leather’s worst enemies! Some of the most difficult repairs we have to deal with at Interior Revival Co is leather that has been damaged through oil and dye absorption.

What? Well, unlike fabric that can be cleaned easily (usually), leather can act like a sponge over time to natural oils from the head, elbow and hands and it breaks down, firstly the colour in those areas and then the leather. Dyes too from vibrant cushions, throws, fake tan and jeans can be absorbed by the leather and will not clean out.

These situations can be repaired at a cost but you can also help to prevent them.

A good Leather Cleaner and Protection Cream are your weapons. A careful leather clean in these areas and then when dry, 2 thin coat of protection cream applied to these areas should help reduce this happening or even stop it; every a month in areas used every day, once every 3 months in other areas.

A word of warning – if damage is already occurring in the head and arm areas – colour change or cracking, then this needs a repair at this point, not a clean.

For repairs and leather cleaning products contact me – Maggie@interior-revival.co.uk

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