We love car interior makeovers because you work on one car all day or if major, 2 0r 3 days and the result is amazing.  Ours customers often can’t get over it.

What is our car interior makeover?  Interior Revival Co have developed a service where a number of our specialist skills and services are drawn together to problem solve and sort various damage and cleaning issues in the car or any other vehicle for that matter.  It could be damaged ageing leather seats, nicks in the console, colour loss on the steering wheel, dents in the door card, stained roof lining, damaged metallic finishes to the plastic fittings, a crack in the dashboard or a carpet clean throughout.  Whatever combination or whatever our customer wants to achieve with an uplift in the car interior.

We have treated many cars like this and it is great for our customer as they can have many things sorted by one company in one place within a very short amount of time.  We have treated classic, modern classic, modern cars, an American freight liner and our biggest so far was an X Jenson Button motorhome.  Range Rovers are a common candidate, so too is the Jaguar XK and BMW Z4.  Another service I’ve just remembered to add to the list is cabriolet roofs.  We clean, colour revive and protect them and that really is the cherry on the cake as it were, adding a crisp clean finish to your sports car.  If you would enjoy having anything like this done to your car, just give us a ring on 07813 678645 and we can book it in at our workshop for it’s session!

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  • Syed Rahim

    Similar to the Jaguar pics in your Facebook post, how much does it cost roughly to do a similar revival on an old Range Rover Sport? Thank you

    • Maggie

      Thank you for the comment Syed. Sorry for the delay, we are just getting the hang of blogging and comments. I will email you with more information directly.


  • John Church

    Just had a new interior for my BMW Z4 cleaned and assist fitted by the team at IR. Super experience and well worth it for the final result. Highly recommended.

    • Maggie

      Thank you, John. The result was well worth it and the car looked fabulous. Thank you for all the prep you had done before hand for the interior change over and all the tools you brought along. An excellent day.

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