Bringing your leather furniture back to life

Leather Furniture Revival

Old fashioned, retro and vintage leather furniture looks (and smells) great in your home, but over time, general wear and tear can leave them looking outdated and cause them to lose their natural beauty and character.

At Interior Revival, we are specialists in restoring, recolouring and protecting all kinds of leather upholstery, help to maintaining its originality, and frankly, just making them look great.

We pride ourselves in being able to make weary leather armchairs look brand new, bringing colour back into faded or worn away leather and getting rid of any grease stains that can happen over time.

Whether it is a vintage, retro or modern leather furniture, our leather repair specialists are fully trained. With over 10 years’ experience in this field, we will provide you with a high quality restoration service, using only the best specialist leather renovation products.

We can also provide you with advice and guidance on cleaning and maintaining your leather furniture, ensuring its longevity.

Our Leather revival services include:

  • Leather furniture cleaning.
  • Repairs for leather sofas, armchairs and suites.
  • Leather stitching replacement.
  • Retro or antique leather renovation.
  • Leather repairs for tears, scuffs, scratches and holes.
  • Leather stain removal.
  • Recolouring, re-dyeing and faded leather restoration.
  • Leather resealing and protection.

Our services are available throughout Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire, are suitable for leather sofas, armchairs, Chesterfields and three-piece suites.

In many cases, our restoration services are more cost effective than reupholstering or replacing leather furniture – we guarantee quality that lasts.

If you would like to discuss how we can help restore life into your leather furniture, please call 01623 836182 or email for a no obligation quote.